Reporting and Analytics with EndeavorCPQ

Reporting and Analytics with EndeavorCPQ

Reporting and Analytics with EndeavorCPQ

EndeavorCPQ fully integrates with Microsoft Power BI which allows users to easily build custom reports. Our out-of-the box integration with Power BI means you’ll have the reports you need without extra development hours.

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful analytics and reporting tool that transforms your quoting and sales data into rich visuals, allowing you to focus on what’s important. Create custom reports to gain insights on your sales pipeline. Your reporting data is displayed in real-time enabling you to respond quickly to situations as they arise.

  • Create your own reports
  • Gain insights and business intelligence
  • Natural language processing allows you to type questions and get data responses
  • Real-time reporting and analytics
  • Customized dashboards
  • Easy access from mobile and tablet devices
  • Simple drag and drop interface
  • No coding needed

EndeavorCPQ and Power BI are compatible with mobile and tablet devices. There is no need to go through your CRM just to get to your reporting and analytics data provided by Power BI. Power BI launches straight from EndeavorCPQ.

Subscribing to the Business Analytics function in EndeavorCPQ will give users access to our reporting tool. We integrate Microsoft’s Power BI right into the CPQ platform so that you can see reports on data generated within CPQ itself, instead of using external data like from a connected CRM. This allows admins to go deeper on the CPQ side by measuring things like Guided Selling responses or specific selections made in the quoting process.

When we open up the Reports section from CPQ, we offer a number of pre-built reports built around portals, profiles, and quotes. These are reports we’ve assembled based on some of the more common metrics we see within our user base like number of quotes or amount quoted by sales rep or sales team, most quoted products or total amount quoted on a certain date or date range.

But Business Analytics in CPQ is not limited to our out-of-the-box reports. Using PowerBI’s desktop report builder, administrators can build custom report templates that can be loaded directly into CPQ.

With CPQ’s Business Analytics, sales leadership gains new perspectives into their quoting process, which sales reps are performing and a new understanding of how their products are being sold.

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