Using Data from CPQ to Improve Your Sales Process

Using Data from CPQ to Improve Your Sales Process

Using Data from CPQ to Improve Your Sales Process

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) platforms have become more robust and powerful over the years. Businesses looking to gain a competitive advantage use CPQ to optimize their sales process and are continuing to take advantage of new CPQ features. At Endeavor, we are excited to have EndeavorCPQ integrate with Microsoft’s Power BI, enabling businesses to get even more use out of CPQ.

Data that is pulled out of CRM is limited when you look at sales statistics. It only gives you a narrow view of your sales channel. By integrating with Power BI, EndeavorCPQ now gives you access to more granular sales data. For example, by using Power BI with EndeavorCPQ, you would be able to view how effective individual sales reps were by how much quote volume or how many quotes they had, and compare that to actual sales trends. This type of data allows your business to enhance sales effectiveness.

Another type of data you can see is the number of individual products or services you are quoting and selling in any time period, whereas previously your CRM might only give you blanket volume data. When you look more deeply into sales trends in your organization, you’ll have more confidence in making business critical decisions.

CPQ is becoming a commodity. We see this in the way that major CRM companies now offer a baked in CPQ solutions and in the need for custom CPQ solutions to meet the needs of complex product data sets. Currently, CPQ is focused on sales enablement. The next evolution of CPQ will be focused on converting raw sales data into optimized business practices. We are approaching this evolution quickly. With more and more companies trying to use big data analytics, there is a greater demand for this evolution.

About Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful analytics and reporting tool that transforms your quoting and sales data into rich visuals, allowing you to focus on what’s important. Create custom reports to gain insights on your sales pipeline. Your reporting data is displayed in real-time enabling you to respond quickly to situations as they arise.

EndeavorCPQ allows customers to build their own reports that are specific to their business needs using the Power BI designer as well as the built-in report management tools located in the EndeavorCPQ administrative console. The integration is seamless allowing for easy deployment of new reports and visualizations.

With EndeavorCPQ and Power BI you can easily create your own interactive reports without writing any code using the simple drag and drop interface. Reports are instantly available for you to analyze. EndeavorCPQ and Power BI are compatible with mobile and tablet devices. There is no need to go through your CRM just to get to your reporting and analytics data provided by Power BI.

Learn more here: Reporting and analytics with Power BI

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