Workflow Approvals with EndeavorCPQ

Workflow Approvals with EndeavorCPQ

Workflow Approvals with EndeavorCPQ

For many businesses, the quote approval process is the number one roadblock in responding to RFPs and RFQs. EndeavorCPQ speeds up the approval process by allowing users to email approval requests directly. Approval emails are easy to read, understand and respond to, and the process encourages standardization at every turn.

Quote approval capabilities are built into EndeavorCPQ. Write a rule to trigger approval emails, and the right people get the right information at the right time. Set up alerts to get information immediately on discounts or quote specifics that require special review.

  • Approval tracking and commenting on submitted quotes
  • Approvals for specific products, services or pricing
  • Ability to set restrictions on over-discounting and submit discounts for approval
  • Easily respond to approvals via email
  • Email alerts for the approval process

Users are able to send approval and quote emails directly within EndeavorCPQ. When sending the quote, sales reps can pull customer emails from your CRM. Each party involved in the approval process receives instant email alerts when a quote requires approval and the moment it has been approved.

EndeavorCPQ also provides guardrails against over-discounting. During pricing and final guard-rail approval, sales reps may be restricted from advancing until approval has been granted. You can include unique approval instructions to address special approval circumstances. This is especially helpful when adding new sales reps to your team.

EndeavorCPQ allows for role-based price changes and automatic approval requirements for larger adjustments. Products can have special approval processes, as defined by the CPQ administrator during configuration.

EndeavorCPQ will save a record of the approval email through comment tracking. All actions taken on the quote are tracked and stored, and approval emails are tracked as comments on customer accounts in the approval page.

If you have any questions about CPQ and what it can do your business, please Contact us. We would love to talk to you.

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