Extracting Sales Data and Statistics from EndeavorCPQ

Extracting Sales Data and Statistics from EndeavorCPQ

Extracting Sales Data and Statistics from EndeavorCPQ

There are now extended capabilities to capture granular sales data inside EndeavorCPQ. We have integrated Microsoft Power BI into EndeavorCPQ so you can have a better view of your sales data, and make better decisions to empower your sales team.

There are numerous reports and studies on sales enablement and sales effectiveness. While those reports and studies provide useful insights, they generally lack the ability to tell you how you can start advancing your own internal processes to make a more efficient sales process. If you are a subscriber of EndeavorCPQ, you can use our CPQ platform to help jumpstart your sales enablement and efficiency processes by using granular sales data not provided by your CRM to create benchmarks and appropriate KPIs for your team.

What kind of sales data can be taken from EndeavorCPQ and how can I use that data effectively? We took sample data from one company using EndeavorCPQ to give you an example of what kinds of granular data we are talking about, and how impactful that data can be to your organization. The data below has been disaggregated to maintain anonymity.

ACME Corporation sales data for 1-year time period:

  • Total number of quotes: 9,800
  • Value of total quotes: $2.5B
  • Average quote value: $260,000
  • Number of sales reps: 340
  • 170 sales reps consistently quote above average
  • 5 sales reps consistently quoted over $1M per quote
  • Average total quote volume per sales person $7.5M
  • 120 sales reps brought in more than the average total quote volume
  • 60 sales reps were in the top 25% of quote volume
  • 15 sales reps in the top 10% of quote volume

Additionally, you can break this data out by quarterly intervals, or match it against year-over-year historical data.

Reporting and analytics dashboard example:

Business Analytics in EndeavorCPQ

With this type of information, you can benchmark your important data points and get a better picture of how effective your sales team is. For example, if you notice the vast majority of your team is quoting under the average quote value, or that 20% of your sales team is quoting far less items per quote, you will be in a better position to provide appropriate feedback and action to your sales team.

Sales metrics are not simple. If your company is primarily looking at your cost vs. revenue, you are not leveraging data efficiently. This is the type of action that sets a good company apart from a great company. This granular sales data is the core of sales enablement. If you are using EndeavorCPQ and not taking advantage of the data provided via Power BI, you are missing critical information about sales efficiency within your organization. We encourage you to try our reporting and analytics feature and see how much of an impact it can make on your business.

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