The Endeavor Partner Program is designed for technology partners that recognize the strategic importance of solving quote to order problems by providing CPQ (Configure Price Quote) systems. Endeavor is a CPQ leader providing a deep feature set in the Cloud on a multi-tenant platform. EndeavorCPQ helps companies make their quoting process fast, easy and accurate. Endeavor also provides integrations to leading CRM, ERP and eCommerce systems, and the platform has an open API for additional integration options. Endeavor also knows the value of a successful deployment and offers technical and administrative resources to achieve high results.

Endeavor’s program is based on finding the right partners around the world to provide level one service delivery of it’s CPQ system. While many deployments are done by Endeavor’s customers themselves, others require technical and administrative support to bring the CPQ system live. Endeavor is seeking qualified partners to provide these services. In the first year, Endeavor offers partners a Referral Program. For those partners that refer multiple CPQ clients and want to build a CPQ practice, Endeavor will implement its certification process in year two.

The Endeavor Partner Program is designed for service companies that want an easy way to explore the CPQ marketplace and determine if there is a long term opportunity to build a CPQ practice. Contact Endeavor today to learn more about its Partner Program.

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