EndeavorCPQ's cloud-based tool can increase the value of your CRM with CPQ features fit for mid-market to global businesses. 

After the CRM integration and initial administration of product information in the tool, Endeavor will lead your CPQ administrator through each step of the configure price quote process, including workflow approval. Endeavor also offers custom portals for distributors of reseller goods.

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Product configuration is the heart of the sales quoting process for any organization that offers complex and highly configurable products and services. EndeavorCPQ includes everything you need to help sales reps quickly configure a product from your CRM and move on to the next step of preparing a fast and accurate quote.
Guided selling helps your sales reps generate custom quotes for your business. It creates a standardized workflow for your sales team to follow as they move through the steps of configuring a product from the CRM, pricing the configured product, and generating a quote to deliver to the customer.
Endeavor's pricing configurator is highly functional, with support for one-time product configuration, multi-currency transactions, cross and upsell suggestions and more. Flexible pricing options in the tool include customization to handle special product groupings and pairings, discount and markup constraints, and role-based pricing.
A quote can cost a lot of time moving through departments. EndeavorCPQ is built with workflow approval capabilities to accelerate the approval process. Endeavor empowers you with the ability to write simple rules to trigger approval emails and other alerts on sections of quotes that require special review.
Quotes generated by EndeavorCPQ are accurate, produced quickly and highly professional. Quote templates in the tool place your logos, dynamic terms & conditions and marketing materials directly into the generated quote, ensuring a complete proposal that is consistent with your branding aesthetic.
Maximize the efficiency of your management efforts by unifying your marketing, branding, and product information to generate fast and accurate business proposals. EndeavorCPQ offers you customizable templates, quote automation options, and details on the revision history of your proposals through tracking tools.
Many enterprises choose to provide a portal into their CPQ environment. Portals allow outside sales reps or distributors visibility into product, pricing and pipeline data without needing additional CRM/ERP licenses. EndeavorCPQ offers the ability to create and customize these portals with your branded colors and logos.
EndeavorCPQ is easy to administer, requiring no special training outside of your familiar CRM environment. Setting up your product listings and pricing information is accomplished through a straightforward and intuitive interface.
Multi-organization allows sales teams to pull up-to-date product and pricing data from multiple vendors within their industry in order to consolidate the quoting process.

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