The EndeavorCPQ configure price quote solution includes everything you need to quickly configure a product from your CRM, and move your sales reps on to preparing a price quote. CPQ automates complex product or service configuration processes, so sales professionals can save time and win more deals.

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Complex Configurations Made Easy

Product catalogs and component lists often include thousands of entries spanning multiple databases. Our sales configurator has the capability to quickly navigate these databases, and easily generate product configurations from your catalog. CPQ centralizes your access to up-to-date product data and pricing information. Users have unlimited custom product types and many customizable options for grouping and presenting products along the way.

Complete with a robust rules engine to handle industry-specific concerns for CRM configuration, EndeavorCPQ can improve every aspect of your product configuration process, leading to a shorter sales quoting cycle and greater return on investment for all your quotes.

The EndeavorCPQ sales quote configurator system includes

A Powerful Rules Engine

Create custom rules to handle shifting compliance standards by industry, location, or other concerns easily from the Administrative Console. Any changes in rules can be made quickly from the Console and through Cloud infrastructure, are immediately applied to all users.

Advanced Discounting

Let EndeavorCPQ move inventory faster. EndeavorCPQ’s discounting feature has limitless potential to help your business. Discount by line item, by short-term promotion, by region, by employee – however your business operates, EndeavorCPQ can make it happen.

Multiple Configurations

EndeavorCPQ was meant to handle complexity. By creating a centralized product catalog, EndeavorCPQ can incorporate changing in supply, pricing, and inventory. The product view is configurable, allowing for unlimited product attributes.

100% Accuracy

100% Accuracy: By enforcing pricing rules, discounts and product groupings, Guided Selling eliminates mistakes in the quoting process, guarantees accurate product configurations and provides consistency throughout your organization's sales cycle.

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Product configuration is the heart of the sales quoting process for any organization that manufactures complex and highly-configurable products and services. CPQ is the key to improving the product configuration process, leading to quotes that include accurate pricing data, discounts and current promotions every single time.

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