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EndeavorCPQ Completes Your Sales Team

  • One-Click Launch from SugarCRM

    Create an opportunity with EndeavorCPQ in SugarCRM with just one click.

  • Finding Your Products Just Got Easier

    EndeavorCPQ's powerful rules engine makes even the most complex configuration a snap.

  • Improve Your Investment

    Sales professionals love CPQ because they can spend less time quoting and more time selling.

    Managers love CPQ because their CRM adoption numbers skyrocket.

  • All in the Family

    Because your opportunity never leaves SugarCRM, it's easy to keep an eye on the big deals ahead.

  • Move from Bland to Professional

    With proposal templates, marketing can stay aligned with sales to put your branding on every quote that leaves the building.

  • Launch from SugarCRM
  • Complex Configurations
  • CRM Adoption
  • Pipeline Visibility
  • Professional Proposals

Diane Emo

VP, Marketing Coverall US

“Anytime you have an add-on product that adds value to your sales team –speeds up what they do and deliver more results – that increases the value of the CRM. For us, EndeavorCPQ is one of several things that are integrated with our CRM. All of the components together make it a far more valuable product than the stand alone.”

Ken Streetman

Business Systems Integration Analyst, Coverall US

“From beginning to end, I guarantee you that the sales cycle is dramatically shorter now that we’re using EndeavorCPQ.”

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