Hainbuch Helps Dealers with CPQ Marketplace Integration

Hainbuch Helps Dealers with CPQ Marketplace Integration

Hainbuch Helps Dealers with CPQ Marketplace Integration

Hainbuch Workholding Technology is a third-generation business with over 750 employees that manufactures chucks and other pieces used in complex machine tooling. Their main focus is products that optimize set-up times as part of a larger machine tool ecosystem where precision and compatibility are tantamount.

The entire machine tools industry is undergoing a big transition in their sales process. Manufacturers are moving large product catalogs with detailed product data from Excel spreadsheets and flat PDFs available for download into real-time quoting systems where their sales reps can configure complex machines with ease.

When it comes to machine tools, choosing a base machine is just the beginning of the sale. Each machine is being configured for specific tasks that require purpose-built devices from a variety of accessory manufacturers. One of the giants in this space is Okuma, a base machine manufacturer and EndeavorCPQ customer that utilizes Hainbuch devices.

The problem accessory manufacturers faced is that while the base machine companies like Okuma were moving their own catalogs into CPQ solutions, the accessory manufacturers were being left behind, an afterthought in the configuration process. Their own products were not being integrated into the base machine manufacturers’ quoting tools and, in order to to be included, sales engineers had to write in the accessories as ad-hoc products and, worse, refer to a separate data set for precise compatibility information that can change often.

In 2016, EndeavorCPQ stepped in to fill this missing link with the introduction of EndeavorCPQ Marketplace. EndeavorCPQ Marketplace connects accessory manufacturers’ products, like Hainbuch’s chucks, directly into base manufacturers product catalogs using compatibility rules to ensure that only the correct products are available for configuration.

“Making it easy for our dealer partners to do business with our company is very important to HAINBUCH. The Endeavor platform accomplishes this for dealers, a very important part of our network. Giving their sales engineers easy access to the appropriate workholding for their customer requirements gives them confidence that they are selecting the best option to maximize the value of their equipment offering.”

Now that EndeavorCPQ Marketplace has integrated Hainbuch's products as live options alongside the base manufacturer's, Hainbuch’s distributors can enjoy a streamlined process just like their customers.

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