10 Ways To Increase Sales Productivity

10 Ways To Increase Sales Productivity

10 Ways To Increase Sales Productivity

Being in the CPQ market for 12 years, we have seen the significant impact sales productivity has on the top and bottom line results. And while we would like to lay claim to guaranteed productivity increases to all that buy our products and services, nothing could be further from the truth.  The reality is, if you’re sales people and your sales process is bad, technology is just going to make it worse, faster.

In surfing the internet last week, I came across this great article that was published back in 1988.   While dated, it is a gem for anyone who is serious about the profession of selling.  It is called Increasing Sales Productivity By Getting Sales People To Work Smarter by Harish Sujan, Barton Weitz, and Mita Sujan.  The article highlights key things that organizations need to do to get more out of their salespeople, and since it was published in 1988, technology does not make the list.

To increase Sales Productivity, the authors suggest:

  1. Consider sales situations.
  2. Teach salespeople to better categorize customers.
  3. Provide salespeople with market research information.
  4. Encourage salespeople to Unitize information.  (Endeavor will put a focus on this in a future blog as CPQ is all about "unitizing")
  5. Actively involve expert salespeople from within the company in training programs.
  6. Make work fun.
  7. Be wary of incentive compensation.
  8. Give salespeople feedback on what they are doing not just how they are doing.
  9. Encourage salespeople to analyze their successes and failures.
  10. Build a sense of mutual commitment.
The point here is that good selling starts with good people and processes.  Once these are in place and backed with commitment to invest, technology like Endeavor's CPQ system will accelerate successes.  There are no shortcuts however.  Selling today starts and ends with people, just like it did back in 1988 when the authors wrote this article.  The first job of every company is to focus on having the right people and processes in place.  Once that is done, we sure would like to work with you.

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