3 Steps to Quick, Scalable Sales Growth

What steps can you take toward a more effective sales force?

What steps can you take toward a more effective sales force?

Successful businesses are always pursuing objectives that aim to increase the profitability of their revenue streams. Gaining share in new markets, cutting costs, and product or service differentiation are all strategies that many businesses employ. However, one factor that is highly overlooked is the effectiveness of your sales representatives.

The process of hiring, training, and onboarding new members of the sales team can be daunting, especially in in volatile markets. Which is why we've outlined our Top 3 suggestions to help you develop a strong and scalable team – as quickly as possible!

1. Reinvent your management roles.Today's smart businesses are reevaluating their approach to sales management, in order to keep pace with the changing sales cycle. The sales manager of the past was usually a former sales rep who guides teams using their tried-and-true methods. In today’s tough market, sales managers need more than experience in the field for guidance. They must act as sales coaches who are capable of deftly monitoring the performance of their sales teams with adaptable metrics and archival data.

Your sales manager should be equally capable of analyzing sales and performance data to hone in on areas of improvement, coaching their team to greater success. Their role should involve the application of measurable benchmarks, assessment and analysis of vital sales statistics and performance metrics, transforming data into actionable insight.

The sales manager should also be your single point of contact for defining sales strategies, as well as provide training for sales productivity, efficiency, and revenue growth.

2. Prioritize eagerness over experience. Established sales professionals will come to the table with developed skills, knowledge and experience. Yet, they may also hold outdated habits and behaviors.

Fresh talent tends to be more eager to learn and develop their skills and are more willing to utilize new strategies than their more seasoned peers. The eagerness to become a better salesperson is a highly valuable trait for the sales team, especially in ever-evolving, complex environments like the tech industry. New recruits are also more familiar with the nuances of social selling – an absolute must in today's sales environment.

Hiring a team of seasoned sales professionals will also require a much larger payroll commitment, which can be daunting for smaller businesses and start-ups. Recruiting fresh talent will leave you with a larger budget to invest in upfront training and coaching, and allow you to instill and reinforce your preferred strategies, skills, and sales habits, all from the start.

3. Leverage technology to improve your sales process. New technologies can help businesses gain insight into customer behavior, honing and targeting communications. Still, according to recent research by Docurated, most sales agents spend less than 32% of their time actually selling[1]. Effective use of CRM can help streamline the sales process significantly. CRM tools will help your sales team reduce time spent on administrative tasks and account management, but don't stop there!

Businesses with a complex or detail-critical sales process can benefit significantly from the use of new CPQ tools. CPQ (short for Configure, Proposal, Quote) solutions, can help eliminate the lengthy learning curve required for even the most complex of sales processes, ensuring accurate and consistent proposals and configurations, every time.

Cloud-based CPQ solutions such as EndeavorCPQ are flexible, affordable, and easily implemented – providing the maximum versatility and scalability your business needs to grow. By employing sales tools like EndeavorCPQ, you'll enable your sales team to perform better, faster.

By following these tips, you'll find yourself capable of building and maintaining a strong, scalable, and successful sales team. For more information on how EndeavorCPQ can add efficiency to your sales process, read our case study about our work with Hidrostal Pumps. After many trials with other CPQ brands, Hidrostal Pumps picked EndeavorCPQ for our extensive configurator options and high value.

[1]          Danny W. “Simplifying Sales”. Huffpost Business. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/danny-wong/simplifying-sales-how-ins_b_8976476.html

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