Comparing CPQs? 6 Key Questions to Ask

Comparing CPQs? 6 Key Questions to Ask

Comparing CPQs? 6 Key Questions to Ask

It’s almost that time. Budgets are closing for the fiscal year and it’s time to make a decision.

You’ve read all the white papers and sat in on the demos, you know what CPQ stands for and the big claims about what it can do for your sales numbers but now let’s get down to brass tacks. How will you know if a new CPQ platform - no small investment - is going to be right for your organization?

Here’s a list of six critical questions to help you pick from the different CPQ offerings.

How Does It Integrate with My CRM?

Not just does it integrate, but how? Some CPQs were built for a specific CRM, some have matured from that and built additional connectors and some require customizations to hook up to just about anything.

EndeavorCPQ connects to the industry-leading CRMs with our out-of-the-box connectors so we know how to integrate your data with each of the different platforms.

Better still, if your organization decides to change CRM platforms in the future, Endeavor can accommodate the switch easily meaning your CPQ investment isn’t locked into that of your CRM.

Will It Work within My Organization?

Sales departments don’t rely on CRMs alone, often utilizing a number of different services and vendors to accomplish different parts of their sales process. For many CPQ platforms, a new implementation can mean switching to a whole new set of tools for existing tasks or paying for expensive, labor-intensive customizations to adapt to other systems.

EndeavorCPQ offers built-in integrations to many ERPs and popular services like DocuSign and Microsoft’s PowerBI. And, because of our RESTful API, developing connections to other services your organization utilizes is a cinch.

Can It Grow with My Business?

If you’ve ever been involved in choosing and implementing a new piece of software for an entire department, you know how sprawling and complex gathering requirements and planning an implementation can be. Decisions made based on today’s projections can impact your company for years to come.

With EndeavorCPQ it’s easy to add more users, provision more storage or even upgrade key components with a single phone call. Additionally, if your organization works with sales partners, distributors, or resellers, we offer portal access so all of the benefits of CPQ can be extended to your entire sales network, regardless of CRM licenses.

Does It Go Where I Go?

Forty-three percent of Americans spent some time working remotely last year. As this trend continues, having a quoting tool that works across devices and platforms is crucial. While some CPQs do offer a mobile solution, they’re often feature-limited or require a separate app that is platform-specific.

EndeavorCPQ lives in the cloud and was built using responsive design so your team can generate the same quotes on any internet-ready device whether it’s a desktop in the office, a tablet at the coffee shop, or a smartphone on the beach.

Can I Trust the Platform?

As more and more businesses realize the value CPQ adds to their bottom line, so too have big enterprises, leading to a flurry of CPQ acquisitions. Sometimes this leads to a CPQ provider focusing on a single CRM integration. Other times they will expand their reach, testing the waters and developing for new platforms.

EndeavorCPQ has been building complex pricing and quoting tools for over 15 years and was the first to make the move to the cloud. We’ve worked closely with Microsoft to host EndeavorCPQ on their rock-solid Azure platform.

This means your company’s data and sales tool are protected with Microsoft’s end-to-end encryption, automated back-ups to the cloud, and up-time guarantees.

How Much Work Is It to Maintain?

Once you’ve signed the contract, marshaled the resources for implementation, tested the solution and trained your sales rep, your CPQ experience has really just begun!

Businesses are looking for CPQ solutions because they understand how dynamic the market is and how rapidly their industry can change. Adapting to those changes with pricing adjustments, promotional discounts, and the associated marketing pieces can be necessary to get the most out of your CPQ investment. BUT, they all happen after your CPQ spin-up.

Evaluating the resources required to maintain CPQ is just as important as the cost per user or length of implementation.

At Endeavor, we put a heavy emphasis on understanding your company’s workflow before implementation. How can we best set up your CPQ platform to work within your process most effectively?

With EndeavorCPQ’s Admin Console, we put the power of administration in your hands and enable your administrators with intensive training before the process goes live. This makes responding to market changes with new products or updated pricing easier on your team and faster than waiting on someone else’s.

As you start putting together your list of the pros and cons of each CPQ solution, talking to the decision-makers, and trying to make the numbers work, keep in mind these six questions and the effect their answers could have on your business for years to come.

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