Tips On Adopting CRM Into Sales

Tips On Adopting CRM Into Sales

Tips On Adopting CRM Into Sales

In this day and age, CRM software seems like it would be a given for an organization, but adoption of CRM is another story. CRM gets a bad rap from sales professionals. How many times have you heard these thoughts muttered under baited breath:

It's an unnecessary layer of complexity.
It's an invasion into the “personal” techniques that make them superstars.
CRM is an unwanted light that shines on their less-than-stellar results.

And it is not just sales. CRM can get sabotaged if management isn’t on board with the adoption. The clerical staff may see CRM as just another chore that gets handed to them.

Overcome resistance by switching the focus
In an organization hesitant to embrace something new, turn the focus off of fear and on to what good CRM software does: making everyone’s life easier. This is harder than you might think. Writing in Forbes, Ian Altman notes that organizations often "overthink what a CRM tool is supposed to do." He’s right. The first secret to getting an organization to grudgingly accept CRM is to keep things simple. Don’t expect to have multi-tier big data capabilities at first. Instead, show some real-world results.

Look for the tasks that everyone thinks are a hassle
A good example is sales quotes and proposals. It takes salespeople away from customers and bogs down support staff. CRM coupled with Configure Price Quote (CPQ) yields immediate benefits for everyone in the chain, encouraging CRM use. 

Concentrate on getting a couple of converts
If you can’t convince everyone that CRM is a good idea, start with a couple of people in different departments. Spend the time necessary to show them how CRM makes their lives easier, even if you need to do the first examples yourself. Then make sure they get the credit for a sale, or a resolved customer problem.

If you can’t get management behind you, keep them quiet
Even if management wants CRM to succeed, their initial skepticism can be poison if others in the company know about it. If you have to overcome this, ask the brass to stay hands off. Make your case for the time you need to get CRM going, then start demonstrating the impact as quickly as you can.

Expect a “disaster”
If there are people staunchly against CRM, the odds of someone creating a major problem, and that getting blamed on CRM are high. Demostate how CRM solves the problem when implemented correctly.

CRM with price quoting software (also known as sales configurators or product configurators) like EndeavorCPQ offer major advantages for sales organizations. Teams have the ability to access data about their organization they've never had before and higher sales volumes will be in tow.

Looking to improve CRM adoption rates among sales reps? Read more about Lutronic, a EndeavorCPQ customer that captured 100% CRM adoption after implementing Configure Price Quote. 

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