Understanding the Value of Configure Price Quote

Understanding the Value of Configure Price Quote

Understanding the Value of Configure Price Quote

The impact of CPQ is significant and can be quantified across an organization. From spending less time producing proposals to improving up-selling and cross-selling along with disciplined margin protection and higher close rates. Making small improvements in sales, operating and financial practices has the opportunity of producing significant enterprise results.

CPQ Helps Your Sales Reps Meet their Quotas
Without immediate access to updated pricing product availability, sales reps have a much longer quote to order process which leads to an increase in lost deals. EndeavorCPQ offers instant access to the data sales reps need to have.

Decrease Approval Times
Moving a quote through end-to-end doesn’t have to be a manual process. EndeavorCPQ automates the approval process, keeping your quote lifecycle healthy and on track.

Improve Your Company Revenue Growth
Decreasing the quote-to-order process has a direct correlation with an increase in total company revenue growth. Your sales reps can focus more on building relationships and spend less time processing paperwork.

Increase Conversions
By automating your quote-to-order system, organizational efficiency is increased resulting in overall conversion improvement.

EndeavorCPQ's cloud-based tool can increase the value of your CRM with CPQ features fit for mid-market to global businesses. After the CRM integration and initial administration of product information in the tool, your CPQ administrator will be lead through each step of the configure price quote process, including workflow approval.

EndeavorCPQ is endorsed by and/or partnered with every industry-leading CRM company and can integrate with almost any sales CRM system, including Salesforce, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Oracle, and even some custom solutions.

“Internally we saw a tremendous amount of errors in the quote-to-order process because of the complexity of our product. Our sales team had free reign throughout the quotation process, and when you factor in a new sales staff, because of the growth that we’ve had, and a very complex product, we had a recipe for disaster. We chose Endeavor because they met our needs. They had the expertise with both the OEM and distributor model. They understood our world. They had a flexible, web-based model that could grow with our systems.” - Seth Machlus, VP of Operations, Hartwig, INC.

EndeavorCPQ includes everything you need to quickly configure a product from your CRM, and move your sales reps on to preparing a price quote. Complete with a robust rules engine to handle industry-specific concerns for CRM configuration, EndeavorCPQ can improve every aspect of your product configuration process, leading to a shorter sales quoting cycle and greater return on investment for all your quotes.

Some of our most-loved features include:

We built CPQ with flexibility in mind so that it easily connects into industry leading CRM and ERP systems. CPQ also operates as a standalone solution, so you can get started quickly. From contract to go-live and finally to post-support, our process to get EndeavorCPQ integrated with your environment is simple. Check out our ROI calculator and find out how much of a financial impact CPQ could have on your organization.

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