What is Guided Selling?

What is Guided Selling?

What is Guided Selling?

What is Guided Selling, and how is it used? Guided Selling is an automated workflow tool that enables consumers to find the products best suited for their needs. Guided Selling can be used in many ways, from taking a simple survey to find which phone is best for you, all the way to configuring complicated products through a customized interface.

EndeavorCPQ features a Guided Selling Tool that streamlines complex quoting processes. By simplifying configuring and quoting workflows, EndeavorCPQ can steer users through even the most complicated product and service offerings, while simultaneously driving cross and up-sells.

For many businesses, product information is not centralized. This lack of centralization makes it very difficult to create accurate and complete quotes. Guided Selling solves this issue via a step-by-step guide for sales reps to capture all the necessary data. The EndeavorCPQ Guided Selling tool empowers every member of your organization with expert knowledge, and the tools to create quotes with speed and accuracy.

  • Step-by-step selling for users
  • Recommends products, services or add-ons
  • Helps standardize the selling process across your organization
  • Sales reps are prompted to upsell based on pre-set rules
  • Pricing discounts and rules are applied consistently
  • Helps eliminate errors for new sales reps

With Guided Selling, administrators can take the expert knowledge from their best sales reps and build logic-based guided selling wizards. Business practices are standardized across the organization, creating more margin and more sales.

Automating critical sales steps reduces the amount of time spent finalizing deals and improves the opportunity to create more deal flow. With Guided Selling, sales reps create more quotes in less time, and with greater confidence in their accuracy.

By enforcing pricing rules, discounts and product groupings, Guided Selling eliminates mistakes in the quoting process, guarantees accurate product configurations and provides consistency throughout your organization's sales cycle.

Guided Selling offers the ability to add suggestions throughout the sales process, including common pairings, upsell, and cross-sell opportunities. Sales reps don't have to rely on their own knowledge of your product listings to offer alternatives with greater margins for your business.

Endeavor is a CPQ leader that provides a rich feature set on a cloud-based multi-tenant platform. EndeavorCPQ helps companies make their quoting process fast, easy and accurate. Endeavor also provides integrations to leading CRM, ERP and e-commerce systems, and the platform has an open API for additional integration options. Endeavor also knows the value of a successful deployment and offers technical and administrative resources to achieve high results.

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