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Native CPQ solutions can slow down your quoting process.

Native CPQ solutions can slow down your quoting process.

User-friendly. Small learning curve. Quick and reliable quotes. These are only a few of several claims heard lauding Salesforce SteelBrick, Apttus, and the like, about the benefits of using a native CPQ solution as opposed to one independent of Salesforce. They argue that a native solution is the best solution for your business, but if you want to fulfill your company’s vast product and pricing rules with a fast and scalable quote-to-cash software, going native is a risky choice.

Whichever CPQ offering you choose, your company deserves one that is quick: one that allows your sales teams to generate proposals and close deals without wasting precious time on tasks as mundane as waiting for a price change to update in your CPQ software. These valuable (and frustrating) moments add up, and in turn slow down business. This is where choosing a native solution becomes dicey: while the software tries to stay afloat while accommodating the multitude of product and pricing changes your company offers, performance on the native app falters and slows greatly.

This affects your company’s time to market. As you know, your business will change. How fast can you get these changes to market if your business is slowed down by native CPQs’ delayed configuration times? And in turn, how much time (and money) are you losing in the process? Strike one, native CPQ offerings.

Luckily, you are not forced to use Salesforce native CPQ software, which may perform sub-par when applied to your company; EndeavorCPQ has similar capabilities as native CPQ solutions, without the headache caused by a slow app. With features like our Administrative Console, businesses can implement changes, such as product and pricing alterations, instantaneously, unlike our native counterparts. Good luck administrating a native app without developers (and wasted time).

Not only are native CPQ solutions much slower if your business has a lot of product and pricing rules, but can also become expensive if your company sells through multiple sales channels. If this is the case for you, and you are considering purchasing a native solution, your business will have to purchase additional licenses on top of your CPQ licenses, thus doubling or perhaps tripling your expenses. If you do not want this possible risk for your business, I strongly encourage you to reconsider your CPQ options. Rather than increasing your company’s expenses unnecessarily, EndeavorCPQ offers you the same capabilities that come with utilizing multiple sales channels without having to issue more CRM licenses.

At the end of the day, if you are looking for CPQ, you have options. You are not just pigeon-holed into using a native offering that can be slow and expensive. Rather, we at Endeavor offer a full-featured CPQ platform that is separate from SalesForce – no more limiting your sales team’s capabilities just because native cannot quickly and affordably accommodate your business’s requirements. So if your company feels drawn to purchasing a native CPQ offering, you may want to rethink that decision.

— Julia Kolski, Endeavor Commerce. Connect with Julia on LinkedIn.

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