5 Myths About Complex Sales

5 Myths About Complex Sales

5 Myths About Complex Sales

Configure Price Quote solutions break down myths about complex sales.

Mo' complex, mo' problems right? 

False. Notorious B.I.G., no disrespect.

The more complex the sale, the more players become involved, but that doesn't mean accuracy and timeliness go out the window. With solutions like Configure Price Quote (CPQ), debunk these common myths about complex sales.

Inaccuracies Are Par for the Course

If you are still using sales spreadsheets or your own once-awesome-but-now-antiquated system to organize and maintain your company’s countless possible combinations of product lines, then – yes, this myth is true. You can expect human error to create a flaw in the flow of highly configurable sales quotes when calculated manually. By embracing 21st century solutions for this challenge, Configure Price Quote enables you to avoid mistakes in your quotes that directly and negatively impact your profits and your company’s reputation.

Quotes Have to Take a Long Time

Whatever your products or services, you can count on the fact that the customer has already done much of their due diligence before contacting you. They’re interested in what you have to offer and need to know how much of an investment they’ll need to make to get your products and/or hire your services. Gone are the days where clients expected to wait several weeks for a quote. Delays in providing quotes lead to lost sales. Configure Price Quote enables faster transition from initial connection to opportunity to fruition. Perhaps the real myth is in thinking that your potential new customer is sitting back patiently waiting only on one quote.  You'll need to be the leader of that pack and set the precedence for quick quote turnarounds.

Several Departments Must Be Involved

By organizing and streamlining your sales quotes through a Configure Price Quote system, a “self-service” sales environment is created. Your sales team is transformed into more confident, independent, and motivated representatives of your company. The often-rigorous and time-consuming process of waiting for others in various departments to submit their pricing or provide necessary quote information is eliminated. Several departments no longer have to be involved; with Configure Price Quote, sales reps can make independent decisions and handle a great deal of autonomy while still working as an integral members of a team.

You Have to Wait Until You’ve Already Secured the Business of a New Customer Before You Can Offer Extra Products or Services

Over 15 years ago, Steve Jobs shared a truth in sales: “people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” By utilizing the Configure Quote Price process, you’re able to easily, quickly, and conveniently upsell and/or cross-sell products and services. CPQ enables you to make recommendations and help your customer reach their destination on time, on budget, and most importantly, satisfied with the journey.

It Has to be Done the Way it Always Has Been Done

Configure Quote Price demonstrates that change and innovation are ever-present. That's right. There's a challenger to the incumbent Excel document. With CPQ, potentially complex sales scenarios are embraced by sales reps as wonderful opportunities to increase sales rather than stressful challenges.

Looking for real-life businesses busting these myths? Download our “Un-Silo with Software: Three Success Stories” eBook.

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