Vendavo Looks Ahead: Pricing Science Meets Complex Quoting

Vendavo Looks Ahead: Pricing Science Meets Complex Quoting

Vendavo Looks Ahead: Pricing Science Meets Complex Quoting

Endeavor Commerce was acquired by Vendavo last month and we provided a short summary of who Vendavo is in the press release announcing the acquisition.  In this post, we’re going to dig deeper into the powerful capabilities Vendavo provides and why we’re excited to partner with them going forward.

Vendavo specializes in pricing optimization, customer segmentation, and workflow solutions for complex quoting.  They focus on large enterprises, working with over 30% of Fortune 100 companies in deep vertical expertise.

With Vendavo’s offerings, clients can identify new profit opportunities through analysis of historic sales and pricing data then set and manage multinational, multicurrency price lists and provide sales teams with optimized pricing and margin guidance that aligns with corporate objectives.

Vendavo looks at lots of data, using millions of records that are analyzed simultaneously. They then take that analysis, apply algorithms and delivers the useful intelligence to the front line of sales, creating simple, visual tools for sales people that can be used in real-time to impact and drive for greater margin.

For their customers, Vendavo delivers superior customer experience, an embrace of new business models, and the ability to leverage pricing science and machine learning to change and adapt quickly.

In today’s market digitization is changing enterprises. Businesses are looking for a one-stop solution that can go through the entire sales process, including ordering, online.  The workforce is trending younger and expecting better offerings across devices. Customers expect price transparency. The modern buyer wants to find pricing for everything online.  The increasing market velocity means companies may not know where their business will be headed in the next 3-5 years so spending a year or more implementing a solution is untenable.

With that in mind, Vendavo began looking for faster implementations and a move away from legacy products like ERP.  In the last year they’ve created packaged solutions that offer critical functionality for rapid deployment, cutting implementation times from 12 months to 3-4 months.

Now, they’re taking that vision one step further with the acquisition of EndeavorCPQ.  The integration of the two companies was a natural fit, bringing together world-class pricing and pricing science with complex quoting on a modern platform.  By integrating with EndeavorCPQ, Vendavo can deliver an omni-channel experience that gives the right customer the right offering at the right price at the right time, a very different approach than what is available in the market today.

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