Examine CPQ Functionality in Detail

New site features give better insight into CPQ functionality

New site features give better insight into CPQ functionality

We would like to introduce you to the new Features section of the Endeavor website. This section explains the major functionality of our EndeavorCPQ cloud-based platform. Our features section is broken down into the following pages:


On the configurations page, we introduce you to our sales configurator, which can organize complex product catalogs, giving your sales representatives access to optimal products in minutes. In addition to giving you a better understanding of our robust rules engine and customizable options, this page also explains the value of sophisticated configurations functionality.


Guided Selling

The next step in our features tour explains the functionality and benefits of the EndeavorCPQ Guided Selling Tool. On this page, you will learn how we can help you streamline complex quoting processes and empower your sales reps with better cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.


For many companies, errors in product or service pricing drive down their top-line profit growth. Learn how EndeavorCPQ revolutionizes the pricing process and can eliminate pricing errors on our Pricing page. We offer more information on real-time pricing, discount constraints, and customizable role-based pricing.

Workflow Approvals

Quote approvals dramatically slow down many companies’ quoting process. Responsiveness is critical to quoting success, so the Workflows Approvals page discusses how EndeavorCPQ improves the approvals process. Our streamlined, standardized email requests will help your quotes move faster through each of your company’s departments.


Your quote showcases your company. This page shares how EndeavorCPQ speeds up your quote process while ensuring your company’s brand is consistent and accurate. We discuss the nitty gritty details of data organization, brand templates, and quote tracking, so you know we help you in every step of quote generation.


Learn how to optimize proposal management with EndeavorCPQ in our Proposals page. We provide information about unifying your marketing, branding and product information to generate fast and accurate business proposals in minutes. Additionally, the proposal process is simplified since our cloud-based software sends the proposal directly and pushes all relevant data into your CRM automatically.


If your organization uses outside sales rep or has partners and distributors, then our Portals page gives you important information about third-party CPQ functionality. Learn how Endeavor lets you create portals for your distributors and sales partners, so they can produce accurate, self-branded quotes for any type of product or service your company offers, regardless of complexity. You can control all third-party information and avoid inaccurate quotes, fulfillment problems, and angry distributors.


Even though EndeavorCPQ offers advanced configuration, guided selling, and proposal generation functionality, we keep administration simple. On our administration page, learn how you can coordinate your data without investing too many IT man-hours. We explain the CPQ administrator, our intuitive web interface, security details, and more.

These are just the highlights of our features pages. Along with a general summary of each section, we discuss specific features in-depth on each page, and we point you to related resources for more information. You can start on any of the feature pages, but we recommend you look through all eight for a full product description. If you would like to see any of our features in action, please schedule a demo. We will show you exactly how it works.

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