The Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) market has exploded in recent years as many companies have noticed the value and savings a software solution such as this can provide. CEOs are pushing to drive efficiency in their sales process and allow their teams to focus their primary task: finding and closing deals. As the market has expanded the specific requirements that a CPQ software vendor provides has become more narrowly focused.

At Endeavor we make manufacturers easy to do business with. Distributors and regional sales reps will love you! When configuring a machine our platform makes the entire quote-to-order process easy and accurate. How? We have created an ecosystem called EndeavorCPQ Marketplace that allows distributors to “one stop shop” when configuring a machine.

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Thursday, 18 February 2016 22:44

CPQ and Multi-Tenancy: Why It Is So Important

Ever wondered how has been able to scale and grow to a multi-billion dollar companies in less than two decades? What is their magic?

Well, according to a presentation to developers at Dreamforce in 2014, one ingredient of the company’s secret sauce is its multi-tenant architecture.

Coined as “at the core” of their customer-success mindset, the platform’s multi-tenant setup allows business using to move and grow quickly.

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Friday, 14 August 2015 14:26

Execution and the Art of Selling

According to the Aberdeen Group, 48% of best-in-class companies turn their quotes into orders, but 38% is industry average.[1] So, what are the main execution differences in best-in-class companies? They reduce time, friction, and red tape to get complex B2B sales closed. Easy to say, but hard to achieve, right?

Monday, 27 July 2015 17:09

Examine CPQ Functionality in Detail

We would like to introduce you to the new Features section of the Endeavor website. This section explains the major functionality of our EndeavorCPQ cloud-based platform. Our features section is broken down into the following pages:


On the configurations page, we introduce you to our sales configurator, which can organize complex product catalogs, giving your sales representatives access to optimal products in minutes. In addition to giving you a better understanding of our robust rules engine and customizable options, this page also explains the value of sophisticated configurations functionality.

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EndeavorCPQ is happy to announce a new Aberdeen case study on CPQ software.

In “Case in Point: Hartwig Drives Positive Customer Experience with CPQ,” Peter Ostrow, the VP/Research Group Director, Customer Management, Sales Effectiveness at the Aberdeen Group reports on the important changes Hartwig, Inc. has seen by adding a comprehensive CPQ solution.

Thursday, 23 October 2014 01:00

Tips On Adopting CRM Into Sales

In this day and age, CRM software seems like it would be a given for an organization, but adoption of CRM is another story. CRM gets a bad rap from sales professionals. How many times have you heard these thoughts muttered under baited breath:

It's an unnecessary layer of complexity.
It's an invasion into the “personal” techniques that make them superstars.
CRM is an unwanted light that shines on their less-than-stellar results.

And it is not just sales. CRM can get sabotaged if management isn’t on board with the adoption. The clerical staff may see CRM as just another chore that gets handed to them.

"Everything is accelerating in this world." Get more time back with sales productivity tools like CPQ.

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014 01:00

5 Myths About Complex Sales

Configure Price Quote solutions break down myths about complex sales.

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Inaccurate sales quotes could be costing your business big money.

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