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The EndeavorCPQ SDK

Endeavor Client Services developers have built custom integrations to many different applications and data sources over the years. Many implementations use the EndeavorCPQ API in a similar way or require the use of common hooks that are executed within the workflow of the application.

Dallas, TX – Endeavor Commerce is excited to announce the launch of EndeavorCPQ Marketplace, an advanced quote-to-order software platform that integrates fluidly with major CRM and ERP suites not limited to but including Salesforce, MS Dynamics, and SAP. EndeavorCPQ Marketplace includes multi-vendor quoting functionality as well as integrations with Microsoft Power BI and DocuSign. The official launch date for EndeavorCPQ Marketplace is September 1, 2016.

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Thursday, 18 February 2016 22:44

CPQ and Multi-Tenancy: Why It Is So Important

Ever wondered how has been able to scale and grow to a multi-billion dollar companies in less than two decades? What is their magic?

Well, according to a presentation to developers at Dreamforce in 2014, one ingredient of the company’s secret sauce is its multi-tenant architecture.

Coined as “at the core” of their customer-success mindset, the platform’s multi-tenant setup allows business using to move and grow quickly.

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We have created a CPQ ROI Calculator that will help you assess the value of CPQ for your company. We’ve used comprehensive and reliable statistics from industry-leading analysts to create our calculator’s algorithm.

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Your CPQ provider needs to understand your business.

EndeavorCPQ believes strongly in providing the specific functionality you need. To better help you understand our approach to your business, we have developed a section of our website that presents CPQ information to specific departments, industries, and business models.

Thursday, 23 October 2014 01:00

Tips On Adopting CRM Into Sales

In this day and age, CRM software seems like it would be a given for an organization, but adoption of CRM is another story. CRM gets a bad rap from sales professionals. How many times have you heard these thoughts muttered under baited breath:

It's an unnecessary layer of complexity.
It's an invasion into the “personal” techniques that make them superstars.
CRM is an unwanted light that shines on their less-than-stellar results.

And it is not just sales. CRM can get sabotaged if management isn’t on board with the adoption. The clerical staff may see CRM as just another chore that gets handed to them.

From its back office beginnings to major acquisitions, configure price quote software has been necessary to sales organizations for the last 30 years.

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