The Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) market has exploded in recent years as many companies have noticed the value and savings a software solution such as this can provide. CEOs are pushing to drive efficiency in their sales process and allow their teams to focus their primary task: finding and closing deals. As the market has expanded the specific requirements that a CPQ software vendor provides has become more narrowly focused.

At Endeavor we make manufacturers easy to do business with. Distributors and regional sales reps will love you! When configuring a machine our platform makes the entire quote-to-order process easy and accurate. How? We have created an ecosystem called EndeavorCPQ Marketplace that allows distributors to “one stop shop” when configuring a machine.

User-friendly. Small learning curve. Quick and reliable quotes. These are only a few of several claims heard lauding Salesforce SteelBrick, Apttus, and the like, about the benefits of using a native CPQ solution as opposed to one independent of Salesforce.

If your company uses Sugar as your CRM provider, and would like a way for your sales team to conveniently generate quotes online, you’re in luck because there is already a quote-creating feature in SugarCRM – perfect!

Well, almost.

As a company, Endeavor Commerce exists to “empower you with the best buying experience you’ve ever had.” This is why we are coming to work every day.

We lay that out there knowing you have an expectation of how things should be bought online. Each one of us here, believe to our core, that B2B buying and selling is not great (intuitive, connected, fluid).

The internet is massively full of stuff. I’ve been fortunate enough to see the rise of the internet and its traffic from the inside. Specifically, I’ve been interested in how people connect to it; from dial-up, ISDN, Cable, to Fiber and Wi-Fi. We’ve all had a front-row seat in seeing how faster connections, “bigger pipes” and the focus of the telecom industry has revolutionized how we communicate and entertain ourselves daily.

When a well-known ERP and CRM company such as Infor expands into the CPQ market, that must mean their CPQ products live up to the reputation built by their other business software, right? Well, not necessarily. In fact, not only does Infor CPQ have a license amount requirement, but the product does not truly integrate with their CRM software, like they claim it does.

Products are the primary building elements for CPQ (Configure Price Quote), which is why it’s so important to get data configured properly. Preparing product data for CPQ really comes down to creating attributes, also known as properties, to organize and distinguish the data. Since product data varies from customer to customer let’s use a simple example that speaks to how creating great product data can support a better CPQ experience.

The one glaring advantage of a built-in ERP Configurator is product information integration. All of the product information is the same and communicates stage-to-stage in whatever process is set up. However, there are some huge advantages to a CPQ tool that drive significant value for Sales, and financially for a company, that most configurators do not have.

Does the idea of reducing quote-to-order errors (whether it be pricing or configuring issues) SCARE YOU? Well it did scare me because it meant I had to get out of my comfort zone which was the use of spread sheets, faxes and email. The idea of using a software solution to handle the entire quote to order (cash) process seemed daunting since all I ever used a computer for was email and googling. 

You’re staring a clock in a hotel room and it’s just past midnight. As the minutes tick by, you struggle to make sense of the dozens of tabs you’re switching back and forth between on your laptop, as well as your handwritten notes from two different meetings you had with potential customers today. The spreadsheets, Word documents, and e-mails are all blurring together as you attempt to build quotes for both customers. You promised them quotes by first thing in the morning in hopes of closing deals that could get you out of this hotel room and on the first flight back to your family, but nothing seems to make sense.

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