In business, streamlining business processes like sales, marketing, and manufacturing, is the textbook method of increasing performance with fewer resources. There are many ways to streamline business processes, but few have the scalability of impacting multiple major departments like a quote-to-cash solution, otherwise known as Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software.

Successful businesses are always pursuing objectives that aim to increase the profitability of their revenue streams. Gaining share in new markets, cutting costs, and product or service differentiation are all strategies that many businesses employ. However, one factor that is highly overlooked is the effectiveness of your sales representatives.

Navigating the catalog of a manufacturing company can be as complex as it is large for sales teams. This was the case for pump manufacturer, Hidrostal Pumps, whose business specializes in solutions for solids and sludge handling. Their catalog carried over 2,500 components with each serving a unique function. Hidrostal Pumps had researched other CPQ (Configure, Price, and Quote) tools, and they chose the powerful—but easy to use—configuration abilities of EndeavorCPQ.

Ever wondered how has been able to scale and grow to a multi-billion dollar companies in less than two decades? What is their magic?

Well, according to a presentation to developers at Dreamforce in 2014, one ingredient of the company’s secret sauce is its multi-tenant architecture.

Coined as “at the core” of their customer-success mindset, the platform’s multi-tenant setup allows business using to move and grow quickly.

Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) software can positively impact employees at all levels of a busy organization. From the frontline sales representative answering the phones to the Chief Financial Officer to the inventory control team member, CPQ is often though of as "just for sales", but it adds real value to the entirety of a business. To help potential buyers better understand this value, we've created a ROI Calculator, which produces a free customized value assessment report. This sample report is an example of what you'll receive after completing the six questions in the survey.

So you’ve looked at all of the analyst reports on CPQ. You’ve detailed all of the valuable product features that CPQ offers. You know that CPQ will benefit your department and your company. Your biggest hurdle now is ensuring that you have buy-in with executives to make this valuable software investment. These 4 tips, plus valuable information from our CPQ ROI Calculator, can help you achieve the support you need.

You’ve got to spend money to make money…

While clearly over-used and simplistic, the cliché rings true. Companies need to invest in order to build a more successful company, but they need to invest in projects that produce positive payback and high business value. Unfortunately, determining that value can be tricky. This is where ROI comes in. Return on investment attempts to calculate the actual dollar-value of upcoming expenses, e.g. training, company initiatives, and software.

According to the Aberdeen Group, 48% of best-in-class companies turn their quotes into orders, but 38% is industry average.[1] So, what are the main execution differences in best-in-class companies? They reduce time, friction, and red tape to get complex B2B sales closed. Easy to say, but hard to achieve, right?

Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM provider, but they’re also an excellent resource of information for marketing, sales, and business developers.

They offer a community forum full of helpful insights into customer relationship management and a blog full of good advice oriented towards sales. Today we’re focusing on their AppExchange, where they help their users find business applications that integrate and add functionality within Salesforce.

Your CPQ provider needs to understand your business.

EndeavorCPQ believes strongly in providing the specific functionality you need. To better help you understand our approach to your business, we have developed a section of our website that presents CPQ information to specific departments, industries, and business models.

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