By its very nature, technology improves business through automating processes and putting intelligence in the hands of business leaders.  Technology enables companies to be easier to do business with which has a direct and immediate impact on the top and bottom line.  When was the last time you were in an Apple store and bought something?

CPQ (Configure Price Quote) helps companies drive revenues, profits and customer satisfaction ratings by automating the quote to order process. Companies that use CPQ are assured that their sales people and partners are quoting the right products at the right price and producing professionally branded proposals and contracts all day, every day.   The fact is, CPQ does not just benefit the sales rep though.  All areas of the business are impacted positively when the decision is made to implement CPQ.

Being in the CPQ market for 12 years, we have seen the significant impact sales productivity has on the top and bottom line results. And while we would like to lay claim to guaranteed productivity increases to all that buy our products and services, nothing could be further from the truth.  The reality is, if you’re sales people and your sales process is bad, technology is just going to make it worse, faster.

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