Coverall North America Inc.

Looking for a differentiator to set their services apart, Coverall found that and more in CPQ.

EndeavorCPQ gave Coverall a hub to keep everyone on the same page with pricing and brand

To gather all the intricate details of a commercial cleaning contract, quoting takes a long time. From detailed information about sterilization to decisions about green products, there’s a lot of room for errors, inconsistency and delay.

These problems are in the past for Coverall North America Inc.

How It Helped

  • EndeavorCPQ provided an answer for standardization quotes and proposals
  • SQL-based and user-friendly for administrators
  • Seamless integration with Saleslogix CRM
  • Elevated the CRM and reporting capabilities
  • Streamlined internal communication between sales and operations teams
  • Significantly reduced sales process time

“We wanted to differentiate ourselves in the (commercial cleaning) market by having our reps quickly and accurately bid on the services delivered by our Franchised Business Owners,” said Diane Emo, VP of Marketing for Coverall.

Upon the recommendation of her Saleslogix business partner, Diane and Coverall teamed with EndeavorCPQ to speed up quoting and improve accuracy.

“It’s important to standardize pricing strategy across the country, and accommodate for market variations,” said Diane. “As our business partner, (EndeavorCPQ) has helped us bring more consistency to the bidding process, which allows us to better support our franchisees.”

Along with standardized proposal templates and consistent branding, EndeavorCPQ seamless integration with Saleslogix allowed for better sales reporting, scalability and internal processes for Coverall.

Corporate Profile

Founded in 1985, Coverall helps its Franchised Business Owners operate as independent business owners in the commercial cleaning industry. Coverall’s goal is to be recognized as the worldwide leading brand in commercial cleaning, providing consistent, high-quality, innovative and value-based solutions to businesses.

Coverall North America, Inc.
Deerfield Beach, Fla.

Pain Points

  • Detailed bidding process took 1-4 hours per proposal, reducing sales productivity and time to respond to customer.
  • Difficult to control national price strategy, proposal quality, versioning.
  • Math-adverse sales reps were prone to make bidding errors.
  • Communication between sales proposal and solution delivery team was manual and inconsistent.