Telecom Company Improves Partner Sales Channel with EndeavorCPQ

Specifically, they wanted a way to make creating a quote more of a wizard experience that would guide partners through creating quotes. Eric Thomas, CEO of FreedomVOICE said, “We were looking for something that while a partner was trying to create a quote would explain what they should consider for each decision. EndeavorCPQ does this beautifully.”

“The big win for us was that we were able to make our quoting an order of magnitude easier for a partner to achieve. One of our issues was that partners were trying to quote as they were learning our products and it was too confusing. With CPQ we were able to make it a very intuitive experience,” said Thomas. Additional benefits FreedomVOICE received from implementing EndeavorCPQ were being able to explain how to make each decision as it was presented and error checking entries by adding logic behind the scenes to ensure accuracy.

Thomas continued, “We use EndeavorCPQ as a quoting interface for our partners. You can also use it as an internal facing quoting tool. It allows you to easily create very high quality proposals where you combine what you’re quoting with information and graphics to create a really compelling presentation. Being able to present quality proposals to the customer gives them more confidence and leads to more sales.” He added, “I think EndeavorCPQ has increased the level of professionalism that comes across in the quoting process. It helps us better convey our brand and makes the ordering process a much simpler task for customers.”

When we asked Thomas about what positive changes FreedomVOICE experienced after using EndeavorCPQ, he said, “The biggest difference is that we don’t get complaints about our quoting system anymore. Partners like the experience. They enjoy how easy it is and they like the quality of proposals that it creates. EndeavorCPQ made it easy for customers to order, in turn this makes our partners more satisfied with offering our services. Essentially, it removed huge friction point for CloudPBX business.”

EndeavorCPQ takes the subscription services FreedomVOICE sells and presents the product data in an easy-to-consume fashion, enabling clear and concise quotes, professional proposals that allow FreedomVOICE and its partners to continue to grow their businesses.

Corporate Profile

Since 1996 FreedomVOICE has led the way as a business telecom provider, helping over 200,000 small businesses connect with others through innovative technologies.

Encinitas, California

How It Helped

  • EndeavorCPQ enabled partners to quote easily without having to spend as much time investing in product knowledge
  • Guided selling helped partners create quotes and proposals, making the sales process less complicated
  • Branded proposals improved the level of professionalism for their quoting process
  • FreedomVOICE no longer receives complaints from their partners regarding their quoting system