Gosiger Inc.

How EndeavorCPQ provides reliability in a serious industry

Done with inefficient email and pricing sheets, Gosiger was ready to find a solution that meant business.

With a tagline “serious solutions,” Gosiger doesn’t play around with its reputation. A third-generation family business selling CNC machine tools, the relationships Gosiger resellers have with their customers and manufacturers are paramount to keeping the company growing. Maintaining pricing sheets kept Gosiger sales reps from producing quotes in a timely fashion. Getting accurate pricing meant a laborious process of emailing back and forth with an administrator. After unsuccessfully trying a custom-built solution, Gosiger turned to EndeavorCPQ.

“Having a centralized quoting engine enables us to put pricing into the system once, where it can be maintained and kept up to date in one place,” said Gosiger President Pete Haley.

According to Haley, for engineering intensive product sales, EndeavorCPQ increases efficiency and responsiveness to customers.

In the distributor/reseller marketplace, it was important for Gosiger to be able to give suppliers the ability to accurately forecast. CNC Machinery is not built over night and orders can take months. Understanding what’s coming down the pipeline was vitally important.

“The forecasting reports running out of our CRM allows the supplier to identify which opportunities are closing, so they can have the right inventory on hand.” This helps Gosiger deliver on time to customers.

“That’s another success story of CPQ, the very close alignment with our manufacturer,” said Haley. “It is really nice for us, to have a seamless relationship as it relates to their products.

“If there’s not more businesses (in manufacturing) doing what we’re doing today (CPQ integration), there should be and will be.”

Corporate Profile

A three-generation owned family business, Gosiger distributes CNC machine tools. A $300M company, Gosiger has spread its roots from Dayton, Ohio to 15 states.

Dayton, Ohio

How It Helped

  • Machines are paired with accessories by Gosiger experts in the Administration Console, so sellers can be sure the best options are presented.
  • Value was added to CRM, as forecasting back to the manufacturer more accurate with CPQ.
  • Quick adoption by sales reps, who reported spending more time selling, less time reporting.
  • A new systematic approach was implemented in the organization that helped onboard new hires quickly and efficiently.