Hidrostal Pumps

EndeavorCPQ provided a scalable alternative to expensive and overly complex configurator vendors for this pump distributor.

After searching through a sea of options, senior engineer Tomas Dobrovolskis knew what type of configuration he wanted. 

Hidrostal LLC is the North American subsidiary of a Swedish pump manufacturer, providing pumping solutions for solids and sludge handling. With a product catalog of over 2500 items, product configurator was a major problem. While the business in Europe had a configurator it was using, it was not the right fit for Dobrovolskis.

“No one had the right package, until we found Endeavor,” he said. “We wanted to be able to start really quickly.”

Dobrovolskis, who started with the fledgling business in 2015, has seen it grow to 14 internal employees and wanted a product configurator that would scale with his growing team.

“The configurator being used by our parent company was nearly impossible to use,” he said. “You’d have to be an expert. It was (also) going to have huge set up costs. Not only did we not have that capital, we didn’t want that huge implementation.”

Dobrovolskis credits the user interface (UI) for helping to get his sales reps up-and-running, creating quotes almost immediately after he had product data in EndeavorCPQ.

“I’m not an ‘IT guy’. It’s very intuitive,” said Dobrovolskis. “It’s easy to use and it follows a standard you’d expect to see in a configurator or Excel spreadsheet.”

While he knew functionality, like the ability to copy previous quotes, were going to save his team time, guided selling has been a welcome surprise for Dobrovolskis. “It has taken the error out of sales reps picking products. They can’t go wrong. I joke that my 4-year-old son can quote a pump now.”

Corporate Profile

The North American subsidiary, Hidrostal LLC supplies pumping solutions for solids and sludge handling.

Hidrostal LLC
Aurora, Illinois

How It Helped

  • “Versatile” and nimble, EndeavorCPQ was up and running quickly. No waiting for IT or consultants to install complex software
  • Guided selling helps new sales reps in the United States make accurate and consistent selections out of catalog featuring 2500 pump products
  • Affordable pricing and options made EndeavorCPQ a better partner to a for a growing business
  • EndeavorCPQ’s cloud-based format allows everyone – internal and external users – to be updated in real time