How CPQ fostered a “don’t worry about it” attitude

Selling exclusively to doctors, Lutronic’s sales team had a narrow window to impress.

Bill Lightfoot, Lutronic’s senior manager, global web-based marketing, needed a solution. Lutronic’s sales team sells exclusively to physicians and dermatologists accustom to working with a high-end clientele with limited time between appointments to engage with sales professionals.

Lutronic’s cutting edge products needed a quoting and proposal solution that matched the top-of-the-line brand Bill was building – not the antiquated system of out-of-date Excel spreadsheets and unprofessional PDF proposals that were in place.

Additionally, the sales team needed a mobile solution that demonstrates well on a tablet, was easy to use, and integrated with the company’s installation of SugarCRM.

How It Helped

  • EndeavorCPQ provided an online quoting system that delivered personalized, branded, and professional quotes
  • System was user-friendly
  • Seamless integration with SugarCRM
  • Eliminated needless repetitive tasks for on-the- go sales people
  • Accommodated the increasing demand for mobile solutions
  • Effortless configuration, including adding variables, discounts and visuals
  • Worked for direct and indirect sales personnel

Upon the recommendation of his SugarCRM representative, Bill and Lutronic teamed with EndeavorCPQ to empower its sales team.

The sales team was enabled to create quotes, on a tablet, in the doctors’ offices. Quotes were effortlessly configured and packaged together with service terms, agreements, cover pages and other marketing materials, creating a professional proposal. “Our sales team really didn’t want to do repetitive tasks. We worked with Endeavor to create customizable baskets that allow our sales people to enter discounts at multiple points without having to repeat steps. Now, it’s as simple as hitting a button.”

The team is able to produce multiple configurations in one proposal with immediate and accurate data from SugarCRM.

Bill’s team, the majority of which are non-direct sellers, immediately adopted EndeavorCPQ’s solution.

“It’s been surprisingly easy to use,” said Bill, who also serves as the administrator, keeping the information technology team free to continue to innovate in the cosmetic laser field.


Corporate Profile

Founded in 1997, Lutronic Corporation is the seventh largest aesthetic device company worldwide. Lutronic provides cosmetic lasers and light-based solutions to doctors and dermatologists.

Lutronic Corporation
Fremont, CA

Pain Point

  • Out-of-date process for cutting edge sales team.