Speed Critical for Sales in Public Safety Tech

TriTech was looking to replace Apttus (another configure-price-quote solution) mainly due to the speed in which it took the platform to process their complex data and create quotes. Jen Vansant, Salesforce Administrator at TriTech said “We used Apttus. There were constraints on the administration of it but the overall factor in removing it was the speed at which the system responded. Click times were extensively long making quote generation frustrating and cumbersome for our staff.” When looking at other CPQ solutions to replace Apttus, speed of the software was the biggest motivating factor in making a switch, as well as the ability to administer easier.

Not only did EndeavorCPQ solve TriTech’s issues regarding speed, it also standardized their business units and allowed them to enforce sales rules. These are the qualities Endeavor strives to achieve that unfortunately can’t be guaranteed by other vendors in the CPQ space.

After switching to EndeavorCPQ, Vansant can confidently say, “Quote creation time is quicker and less problematic when a deletion or change is required.” This major improvement creates less frustrations and removes friction for their CPQ users – which is a key component for having CPQ software. “[EndeavorCPQ provides] easier ways to create templates for output; easy ways to manage subscriptions or pro-rated sales,” says Vansant.

As CPQ becomes adopted by more and more companies that offer services or products, it is crucial to not only understand what a specific vendor’s CPQ can do in terms of features, but also what its limitations are. Because EndeavorCPQ is so flexible, our team of implementation experts had the ability to work with TriTech on restructuring their data for optimized speed improvements. Our development team worked to ensure their environment was set up for success, running various speed tests at different times and making adjustments as needed throughout their implementation.

The CPQ market is currently in an upward trend, which is expected to continue through the coming years as systems become more automated. At Endeavor, we are seeing more and more customers educated on CPQ functionality than ever before. If you are looking for a CPQ platform, we challenge you to ask not only what a platform can do, but what it can’t in terms of the product data you have. We built EndeavorCPQ with flexibility in mind; we can adapt to almost any CRM or ERP and have the ability to customize implementations depending on your specific needs.

Corporate Profile

TriTech Software Systems has been developing 911, computed aided dispatch, police RMS and more solutions for public safety software for more than 20 years.

TriTech Software Systems
San Diego, California

How It Helped

  • EndeavorCPQ's cloud-based platform provided speedier software response times when quoting than their existing CPQ system
  • Removed friction with sales reps by providing a more responsive quoting tool
  • Standardized processes between sales units using EndeavorCPQ's rules engine