Webinar: Tackling the Challenges of Quoting in Machine Tools

Watch the webinar (27:50)

In this 28 minute recorded webinar, three thought leaders from Endeavor Commerce dissect some major quoting and proposal problems facing the Machine Tool industry and give real world examples of how Configure Price Quote software is helping businesses eliminate them.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software
  • How CPQ solves problems like quoting inaccuracy, lack of insight into outstanding proposals, product catalog changes and much more
  • And about Endeavor’s initiative to take the next step in the evolution of CPQ with CPQM

Panelists: Sean Myers, CEO and Co-founder, Endeavor Commerce

Marc Eller, CPQM Director, Endeavor Commerce

Jonathan Risch, Acting CFO, CCA Flooring

Moderator: Alanna Stage, Manager, Marketing & Strategy, Endeavor Commerce