Enhance the Power of Salesforce

EndeavorCPQ offers a smooth integration cycle and greater flexibility over other Salesforce CPQ alternatives. Read on to learn why Endeavor is an excellent configure price quote (CPQ) solution for Salesforce.

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We Know Salesforce

Lots of Product Data

Your product dataset is large, changes frequently, and is managed outside of Salesforce in ERP

Complex Products & Pricing

You have a high degree of complexity around your product and pricing

Manufacturers & Distributors

You connect to data sources outside of CRM & utilize order processing

Selling with Dealers & Distributors

You need quoting available to users beyond those in Salesforce

Benefits of Salesforce Integration with EndeavorCPQ

Quick Launch Buttons

Create an opportunity with EndeavorCPQ in Salesforce with a single click. New "Guided Selling" and "Generate Proposal" buttons mean you never leave Salesforce to create, manage, and review quotes.

Improved Pipeline Visibility

Since your opportunity never leaves Salesforce, it's easy to keep an eye on the big deals ahead.

Advanced Rules Engine

EndeavorCPQ's powerful rules engine simplifies even the most complex product configurations.

Branded Proposals

Use branded templates and finalize your quote and proposal within 30 minutes of starting the process. Consistent branding on professional proposals will help you win more deals.

Advantages Over Other CPQ Solutions

EndeavorCPQ integrates fluidly with the world's most popular CRM and without the need for specialized expertise. You may believe that it is an advantage for your CPQ solution to be built directly in the Salesforce Force.com development environment. However, this is actually limiting in many ways.

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Easy to Manage

You don't want to end up tied to a CPQ solution that can only be managed by IT. EndeavorCPQ offers a Salesforce CPQ that requires no special training or knowledge of database backend administration.

Future Flexibility

If you ever need to migrate to a new CRM system in the future, you won't be tied to a Force.com CPQ solution that only works in one environment.

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