Customizations & API

EndeavorCPQ is customizable by developers. By offering a fully-featured RESTFul API, EndeavorCPQ ensures that it will be a perfectly-flexible solution for your needs.

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How are Customizations and the API useful?

The EndeavorCPQ Client Script API allows developers to create custom javascript to interact with the CPQ page to support their every need. The API exposes functions that are available to the developer, giving access to containers, entities, and properties that are created on a given page. In addition, the API follows a RESTful architecture, supporting functions to query, create, update, and delete data. In addition, the API exposes workflows that can be used by the developer, including saving a basket as a quote, as well as other useful functions.

Customizations & API Features


Because EndeavorCPQ offers a developer API, the solution you get is only limited by your imagination and development skills. Developers can extend CPQ pages whichever way they want to, by making calls to our APIs and writing their own javascript.

RESTful Architecture

EndeavorCPQ's API follows a RESTful architecture, giving access to all the verbs for getting, creating, updating, and deleting data. Developers will have an easier time integrating with the API because it adheres to best-practices and popular standards.

Workflow Access

The API allows access to workflow functions that can be called on the page. Thus, developers are not limited to just querying and updating data, but can also tap into the workflows EndeavorCPQ has set up, reducing the amount of work and customization the developer has to do.

Improved Usability

As a result of modifying and customizing the pages as you see fit, EndeavorCPQ's solution becomes a custom solution tailored to fit your use cases and offering the best possible user experience.

Ready to Learn More?

EndeavorCPQ's API is a robust, developer friendly environment that allows for easy configurations of complex customization requests. Let us show you how extensive our API and customizations are.

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