Multi-Organization Quoting

EndeavorCPQ Marketplace creates a one-stop-shop for sales to accurately select and bundle related products for end use customers using the latest product information, pricing, and compatibility.

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What is Multi-Organization Quoting?

Multi-organization quoting is a feature specific to EndeavorCPQ Marketplace. It allows sales teams to pull up-to-date product and pricing data from multiple vendors within an industry to consolidate the quoting process. We accomplish this by managing product data from multiple vendors in our secure Azure cloud with vendors granting access to their catalogs to specific users. This ensures that product data stays confidential and can still be processed through our robust rules engine for providing accurate quotes and orders.

  • Share product catalogs within your own company, or with other companies
  • Permission-based access to product data ensures your data remains private
  • Enable other vendors to quote your products and services while maintaining accurate pricing rules you set
  • Use this feature within your own company to manage multiple branches or locations globally

EndeavorCPQ Marketplace Multi-Organization Features

Product Integration

Data is housed in our secure Azure cloud environment for easy access and updating. Organizations use our permission-based structure to ensure their data stays private and is only accessed by those that they give permission to.

Pricing Discipline

Easier access to market performance data means that pricing can be quickly adjusted and optimized based on historical sales trends. This gives you better insights into your overall sales performance through your quotes and orders.

Ease of Implementing Product Bundles

Create cross-vendor bundles and promotions on a single quote and use your own sales process and internal approval guidelines.

Business Intelligence

Improved capture and aggregation of overall market intelligence for benchmarking and other performance analysis is provided with Business Intelligence by Power BI.

Ready to Learn More?

EndeavorCPQ Marketplace integrates with CRM and ERP systems to provide accurate real-time product information during the quoting process. We provide real-time price lists, multi-currency compatibility, cross-sell suggestions, and more. Customization options let you handle product groupings, discount constraints, and role-based pricing easily across an ecosystem of vendors you work with.

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