Pricing Automation

The EndeavorCPQ Pricing Automation tool provides accurate real-time pricing and product information during the quoting process while also offering multi-currency transactions, cross-sell suggestions, and more. Customization options let you handle product groupings, discount constraints, and role-based pricing easily.

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Eliminate Pricing Errors

Pricing is often the most time-consuming part of product quoting, requiring consultation with part suppliers, management and other concerned parties. EndeavorCPQ's Pricing tool revolutionizes the pricing process, providing businesses with a modern pricing system they rely on for accurate product and component price information.

  • Centralized data repository keeps pricing accurate for all quotes
  • Easily update and manage pricing rules in the admin console
  • Multi-currency for international quoting
  • Pricing guardrails that protect your margins
  • Margin and commission tracking

EndeavorCPQ Provides

Simple Price Configuration and Customization

With EndeavorCPQ pricing management software, the price list only needs to be added to the system during the initial configuration. After this, price lists are maintained through the web interface. The CPQ admin easily updates prices and the sales reps access the new information immediately.

Multi-Currency Transaction Capability

EndeavorCPQ supports multiple currencies, including U.S. and Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, Euros, Swiss Francs, Yen, Yuan, and more. No matter where you're doing business, the Endeavor Pricing Configurator will accommodate your pricing model and fit perfectly into your sales process.

Rules and Guardrails

EndeavorCPQ can handle role-based pricing, product discounting and markup constraints via a variety of guardrails created during the configuration process. These guardrails ensure that special product configurations are priced appropriately, and without cutting into your planned margin.

Improved Margins and Commissions

The Pricing Tool also tracks margins and sales commissions, and provides this information during the quoting process. Sales reps are offered a variety of opportunities for cross-selling and upselling products, allowing your business to improve margins while finding ways to better meet customer needs.

Make Pricing Simple

Losing a sale or shrinking the size of a deal because of disorganized pricing information, outdated discounts or too much complexity in the quoting process can cut deep. Schedule a demo today to learn how EndeavorCPQ can help your business upgrade your pricing system.

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