EndeavorCPQ unifies your marketing, branding and product information to generate fast and accurate business documents. Our cloud-based software sends the proposal directly, without needing a separate email program, and pushes all relevant data into your CRM automatically.

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Optimize Proposal Management

Complex, formal proposals incorporate more moving parts from more departments. Ensuring everyone has accurate brand and product information is crucial. So how do you get remote sales teams and resellers on the same page?

Transform your proposal process with EndeavorCPQ. Give everyone easy access to approved language, brand documents and up-to-date specs, and create comprehensive proposals with brand consistency in minutes.

  • Branded proposal templates
  • Send proposals directly from the console
  • Pulls customer data directly from your CRM to make sending a breeze
  • Select or deselect specific pages to include
  • Complete with revision history/tracking.

Features of Endeavor CPQ Proposals

Consistent Branding

Set up document templates with your colors, fonts and logos, so when you need to produce a polished proposal in minutes, you are ready to go. Be confident that your information is accurate, and your presentation meets brand standards.

Your Terms

Proposal templates also offer the ability to dynamically place terms and conditions into the generated document. Insert pre-approved legal verbiage with a click, so your company covers all important business details and minimizes the possibility of future legal disputes.

Send and Track Quotes Automatically

Sales reps simply click "email" without having to generate any documents of their own. Once proposals are sent, Endeavor records them in your CRM's activities or actions. Tracking your proposal process lets you analyze and optimize your workflow, and access historical details whenever you need.

Dynamic Proposals

With the new Dynamic Proposal tool, you can merge fields between the document templates and the CPQ itself. When you generate a new document, it includes any changes within the CPQ automatically. Automating this process improves accuracy and speeds up overall response time.

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Formal proposals don't have to be complex projects that stall while you collect the right documents and branding information. Schedule a demo to see the comprehensive proposal management EndeavorCPQ offers.

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