Security is extremely important to Endeavor and we do our utmost to protect your data and secure it from intrusions in our state-of-the-art Azure cloud.

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How do we ensure a secure environment?

Endeavor has taken all necessary steps to ensure a secure environment. Data transfer is always done over an HTTPS connection, encrypting the data using an SSL certificate. The connection to our server and our database is also restricted - only whitelisted IP addresses are granted access. In addition, Endeavor employs OAuth to authenticate and grant access to the CPQ application and API.

Security Features


All website access and all data transfer is completed over an HTTPS connection that ensures all data transferred is encrypted. In case of an attacker or a man-in-the-middle attack, data cannot be read and security is not breached.

Trusted Connections

The database for EndeavorCPQ accepts connections from trusted servers only. This guarantees that your data will be kept safe, and only authorized individuals will be able to access it.


OAuth is implemented and used for authentication to EndeavorCPQ. All API calls must be made over an authenticated connection.

Backup and Retention Policies

EndeavorCPQ improves data reliability through servers that automatically backup their data. The backups are encrypted, protecting against falling into the wrong hands.

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We take data security seriously. EndeavorCPQ goes beyond best practices when it comes to data management by providing our clients with multi-layer security and redundant backups. Talk to one of our specialists today to learn more.

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